April 16, 2017

Unbearably Stylish x Donald J. Pliner

Hello all, I hope everyone has been doing well! I wanted to dedicate this post to bold and exciting contrasting colors. The oxford, a classic Spring dress shoe (a staple piece, in my honest opinion), has largely been overused in recent days. That is why I have decided to go against the grain and demonstrate to you how to stand out in the crowd with a pair of burgundy monk strap shoes. 

In my latest collaboration with Donald J Pliner I decided to select a pair of burgundy dress shoes for the Spring season—quick fact, burgundy is probably one of the most difficult color to style during Spring. Burgundy or oxblood toned shoes are traditionally worn in the Fall season and belong on the warmer side of the color spectrum. You’re probably wondering: why then did he decide to wear them now? Well, truth be told, no one else will be wearing them. Secondly, you will stand out which will immediately garner compliments. And thirdly, to style an outfit  that is worth the challenge (though, you won’t have much of a challenge considering that I’m providing you with quick and easy style tips)

At any rate, one of the simplest ways to style a pair of burgundy Donald J Pliner shoes is to pair it with either a charcoal gray or dove gray suit. Even a navy suits work! My reasoning behind selecting dove gray for this specific outfit was because if we had selected charcoal would we would have revealed obviously darker tones that would not have been fitting for this type of warm and fun, floral setting.

Indeed dove gray is a suit color that is often worn to Spring weddings, and paired with a nice silk or knit tie (such as the one I have on right now) really helps make a stark contrast, something that a lot of men usually are uncomfortable doing. Have fun, be bold, and try something new is what I always like to say!

Let me know how you style burgundy shoes during Spring in the comments below! If you have any helpful tips or perhaps any questions regarding this look let me know and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can! :)

If you really like the shoes I'm wearing, here is a direct link to purchase them: monk strap

Until next time, ciao! #ArtofFun #PlinerStyle #DJPstyle #Ad

Thank you to Donald J Pliner for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Picture Credit: Ryan Huang Photography

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