October 4, 2015


Hello everyone, I want to give thanks to each and every one of you that has supported me in the GQ X UNIQLO campaign on my social media so far!

As most of you already know I'm a student at the University of California, Berkeley. I'm also a daily commuter who attempts to make the most of his time on the way to and from school. On my public transit commute, I almost always dress to impress for the reason that I work part time as an intern for a men's suit company named Chookhare and Sons.

Here you can see that I paired white grids with dark gray garments, as I find it essential to have a contrasting effect in my usual, dapper outfits. You may also notice that I selected a blue puffer jacket layered on top of a gray v-neck sweater. Because of this, you might be thinking this is exceedingly warm clothing for an on-average 70 degree weather, however the items I'm wearing are ultra light and thin that keep me warm for the frequent unexpected Berkeley rain.

Overall, I believe these Uniqlo items that I have styled to the nines best represents the classy and dapper aesthetic that I almost always look for in an outfit.

I hope you all enjoyed the post! Make sure to go to my Instagram and support me by liking my photo and leaving a comment! :)

Until next time, ciao!



  1. this is amazing!!!!! lovin' your style!!!! such a great outfit!!

  2. Super nice outift! Looks so dapper with a sporty vibe. Greaaat

    // Alix N - www.ACommonObsession.com