August 12, 2015


 Hello ladies and gentlemen,

It sure has been a long time since I posted an outfit. I've been pretty busy lately with studying for my final examination and writing an essay for a summer course I'm taking. I'm really excited to turn in the final essay. Last time I got an A- on my paper. Not too shabby, huh?

Today I'll share with you an outfit that I call polka dots. In the outfit I am wearing socks and pocket square, a thrifted blazer, Zara pants, and my favorite burgundy Joseph Abboud dress shoes. This outfit can be worn to formal meetings, weddings, outings, and even to school -- just like how I wore it in this shoot. Traditionally, I usually wear different types of patterned accessories but through the pasted months I've learned that matching either the pattern of  a pocket square/tie with the pattern of socks works just fine, so I did just that. I matched the polka dots with the pattern of my tie and it really helped bring out the color blue in the outfit. Check out those detail shots!!

Anyway, I don't mean to disappoint but I'll be limiting myself to a few posts a week since I've been meaning to catch up on some summer projects. But don't worry I'll be picking up the pace just a tad when school comes around. Hope that you are all doing well! Ciao!


  1. That purple blazer is fabulous....and that tie is amazing!

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