August 3, 2015


Hello everyone,

Today I will be talking about my latest collaboration with a UC Berkeley photographer named Ankur Maniar who goes by the name of EncoreAnkur on Instagram. Ankur's photo display a variety of occurring themes such as drama, romance, and magic. He has some of the best fashion photographs out there. You can see more of his work at Please take a look, I promise that you will be amazed! :)

Now more about the outfit: I styled this dapper outfit with the idea that the tie and shoe combination would complement each other. The tie, belt and shoes are relatively warm colors and they contrast exquisitely with cool colors such as navy and white. I believe this is the ideal dapper outfit of 2014 and even 15 seeing as knit ties used to be a very popular item. If you're looking to enhance the feeling of looking formal, try adding some pocket square flare in your blazer pocket or perhaps find a pair of nicely patterned socks. I think this outfit works for just about any formal occasion.

This a very easy and affordable outfit to put together! You should try it. Well, until next time, ciao!


  1. I'm always here for a knitted tie. Great look, Chris!

  2. Great Look! ✌ loving the details (dots and stripes)