July 8, 2015

Plaid & Chinos

Hello everyone! Good morning!

A few days ago my monthly SprezzaBox arrived in the mail. I was so excited to receive it because I noticed that the box was in red. I thought back to what I read on the Instagram SprezzaBox post  and wondered "What could possible in this box that makes the retail value more than $100?"  I gave it a small shake just like you do when you get a Christmas present. I couldn't recognize the sound, so I opened the darn thing and can you guess what I found?

Well, keep guessing because I won't tell you everything that was in that box! You're either going to have to wait until the following few posts or go and purchase your own! :)

Here is a link if you're interested: www.Sprezzebox.com/unbearablystylish

At an rate, the item that I decided to share with you all today is a pair of navy and white polka dot socks. They go really well with the reddish pair of chinos I'm wearing. I think I'll wear it again some other time!

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