July 1, 2015


Good morning everyone!

I have some really great news to share with you all!! As some of you already know from my post on Instagram, I have teamed up with ClarksUSA.com (only the most comfortable shoe brand out there on the market) for a summer style outfit post. (Don't worry, I won't just post one outfit with these unique but classic Darby Limit shoes, I'll be sure to style them more throughout the summer. I have a feeling they will also easily become one of my favorite pair of shoes in the Fall because of their earthy tones.) Additionally, Clarks is having a super sweet summer deal! Buy 2 for $99! That is an amazing steal! Take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts!

Now, back to what I was saying, ah yes, these shoes are the most comfortable pair of casual/dress shoes I have in my closet. When I put them on it's like I'm walking with pillows under my feet. I've worn them three times so far this summer and they remain in perfect condition. The first time I've worn them to the Alameda County Fair, the second time around Berkeley campus, and the third time for this photo shoot! I've covered a lot of milage on these shoes and I have yet to see any scuffs or color fade on these bad boys. It's probably because they are 100% leather and crafted with the finest ingredients money can buy.

More about the outfit: I've been holding back on styling a majority of my outfits with blazers. I'm thinking that with 4th of july right around the corner perhaps I just might bring them out of the closet for a nice evening. But, ah yes, this green and white checker shirt is perfect for the hot California weather. I thought that my pair of brownish Zara pants might compliment the straps tones of the Darby limit shoes. I was darn right! To make it even more exciting, I matched my socks with the color of my shirt. These socks by Dove in Grey Haze are spectacular! They even remind me of miniature key lime pies. Yummy!

Make sure to keep cool on blazing hot days Cali folk! Until next time, ciao!

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