July 4, 2015


Hello there ladies and gentlemen,

Surprise! Here is my second 4th of July outfit post! The accessories in this outfit are the same as before. I feel that this outfit is truly reflective of the colors of the American flag. I am the American flag in this outfit as a matter of fact.

So just in case you missed the first post, I will talk a bit more about the sponsor and outfit items: the accessory items you can all get for a total purchase of $28 dollars. The company that delivers the package is none other than the dapper accessories provider, Sprezzbox.com. If you subscribe you will receive items such as fancy pocket squares, luxury ties, a pair of socks, and free samples from other brands. The socks in this outfit were created by American Trench, the tie by Mosaic Menswear, and the pocket square DHA 1.

Once again, most of these items alone can cost you a fortune but with a monthly subscription to Sprezzbox you will get much more for your buck while being able to dress in style!

Well, I can't wait for the next outfit post. Although, I'm sure you guys would like to wait some time before then. ;) Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! Ciao!

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