June 24, 2015


Steve Madden, J. Crew Blazer, Olive pants, white puma shirt

This outfit may not seem functional in 90 degree mid day California weather, but it can be comfortable on breezy evenings when the sun isn't overwhelmingly hot. At first when I stepped outside, I decided to go without the blazer because it looked more fitting for a summer look. Then, I felt a breeze carry over me and another one. I knew right then that I had to try on the blazer. After trying it on I came to the conclusion that not all blazers should be worn in the day (only few should and I will tell you more about the kind of material you should purchase) and that some could be worn in the evenings. 

Here I am wearing a pure wool J. Crew blazer that would be most functional in perhaps 70 degree weather. The wool is already a heavy material that you wouldn't need to layer anything on top. Few suggestions for other types of blazer to wear in the summer when the temperatures are higher in the 80s or even 90s are linen and cotton. I would suggest these two because they won't cause you to heat up. Think about it. If you were to purchase a polyester jacket with other mix fabrics that are likely to encase the heat you might burn up like a burrito wrapped in foil tossed in the oven. No one would ever dare do that. 

Well, I hope that was helpful! Until next time, ciao!