June 7, 2015


Hey there everyone!

Although I didn't get the chance to post the first outfit that I wore to the Bottle Rock Concert on my blog, I've taken the opportunity to upload the second outfit. I decided to assemble an outfit that would be comfortable in the scorching heat. The sun was blazing in the mid to high 80s that day. Jennifer and I stood outside from morning until later evening waiting for her favorite musicians to take the stage. It's a good thing I wore something light - just a t-shirt and army pants. I usually try to dress in something a bit more classy and formal, but I figured it just wasn't practical. 

The t-shirt it was given to me by my friend Moet, a member of the UC Berkeley fashion club called FastCal. Last month, I believe, they were hosting a fashion show and were endorsed by a company named Teva that gave them a box of shirts. I was fortunate to get one!
I was unable to find an online link to the shirt but Teva has some really unique sandals that I think are worth checking out. Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up. 

I hope you are all doing well! Enjoy your summer vacation! Stay stylish!

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