May 20, 2015


In this outfit I am wearing: Blue Prazak dress shoesFuschia Block Chunky Rib Sock, J Crew tweed blazer, Pierre Cardin gingham button up, and Zara pants. 

Greetings everyone! :)

Recently I finished rereading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott. Fitzgerald for a final examination at Berkeley. I was inspired to recreate the popular garden party scene where Nick Carraway bumps into Jay Gats. Much like the descriptions of architecture in the story, the surrounding background in this photograph with the red brick floor, marble balcony, and greenery is reflective of Fitzgerald's memorable creations. I tried to incorporate snippets of each of the character's traits in the story. The tweed blazer and dark olive pants remind me of something Nick would have worn; the watch, tie, and dress shirt is a combination Gatsby would wear; and finally, the rugby socks would be an item Tom Buchanan would own.

In collaboration with the golden shoe company Call it Spring, I've styled this roaring twenties inspired outfit. The shoes I am wearing in this outfit are named Blue Prazak and they are a very unique item. With a supportive heel and soft leather, they are indeed one of the newest comfortable pair I own. They are elegant for both formal and casual occasions. As you can see here, it can be styled in a casual yet classy manner. You can find your own pair and dozens other fancy, high quality pair of shoes at The Prom Shop, which is a direct link to Call it Spring's online shop!

Until next time! Stay classy and dress to impress! Ciao!

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