April 2, 2015



Nearly every person knows or has heard of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule, I believe, is one of the key practices in behaving like a gentleman. For those of you have not heard of it before: the Golden Rule states that a person should treat others how they wish to be treated. It is essential to treat other how you wish to be treated because it engenders equality, fairness, and order in society. Other than providing tips on how to improve one's manners, I would like to share a tip on how to dress classy. Once again, I have styled the Bows-N-Ties Vintage Gold and Navy Cavallieri tie. However, this time around I decided to put together something more upscale and classy. I decided to match the color of the pants and suit jacket with the tie to sort of enhance the elegance of the tie! I think it worked out splendidly! :)

Furthermore, I believe the diagonal stripes on the tie really compliments the checkered gold and black stripe pattern on the suit jacket! Fellas, don't shy away from wearing gold. I'd say gold (and sometimes purple) is the classiest, royal color in the color wheel. 

Well, until next time! Be bold! Stay golden!

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