March 30, 2015


Hey fellas, this month I'll be sharing with you several looks that I will put together in my latest collaboration with my new favorite tie company called Bows-N-Ties. This company located in San Francisco has a vast selection of colored ties, bow ties,  and  handkerchiefs. Treat yourself to one of their top notch classy menswear accessories. The prices are literally unbeatable. 

In this look, I am wearing the Traditional Tie in Navy and Vintage Gold by Cavallieri, with a cozy brown raincoat, black levi's Chino pants, a white button up and brown suede oxfords. One can never go wrong in assembling an outfit with matching colors of brown, white or black. However, when working with a gold garment be cautious that your outfit isn't too casual. Gold is a royal color and often adds a hint of elegance. Too much gold and you might be looking like you're going to a royal ball or professional sports game. ;D

Well, that concludes this post. Until next time my friends! Take care! Stay classy!

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