February 20, 2015


Original Timberland,Levi's trucker jacket

I genuinely love spending time outside and going out on hikes! I was inspired to dress like a mountain climber in this shoot. Quite frankly, I would wear this outfit just about anywhere on the city streets and in the suburbs as well. Yet, here is nothing like catching a fresh breath of air in nature. In these photographs I am wearing my original Timberlands, styled with a warm Ambercrombie and Fitch sweater while wearing a checkered levi's button up underneath. I considered not wearing the levi's jacket until I realized that it fit the overall outfit and outdoor look that I was going for. 

That's it for now, until next time! :) I hope you enjoy perusing the pictures as much as I did taking them!


  1. Indeed catching a fresh breath!!! super nice outfit. So neat and onpoint
    Those timbs are just epic man :-)

    nice weekend :-)

    New Look on the blog : ' FLEX ZONE '
    Greets Jon

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