February 4, 2015


Winter season in California and especially in places such as New York have unbearable chill patterns. In the evening the temperature could be a cool 60 degrees but few hours later it will likely drop to 40 something or other. Sometimes you find yourself layering extra clothing expecting the unexpected. But fortunately for me I thrifted this thick cable knit zip-up that allows me to keep warm in frigid temperatures. The most convenient part about it is that  it looks classy and can be worn semi-formal when accessorized with the right tie and button up. 

Fellas, don't be afraid to experiment combinations with hoodies/zip-ups and ties. If your bold enough, perhaps even wear a warm blazer over it. It may look different at first but believe it or not it's slowly starting to become an affordable trend!

Until next time! Remember to stay warm! :)

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