February 11, 2015


Red and Gold Stafford tie, H&M Checkered Shirt, Light brown Ecko Pants

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

What are your plans for Valentines? Perhaps you have made plans to go out on a dinner date with your significant other or a close friend. Stay at home with your domestic animal and have a bowl of cereal for the evening. Or maybe you are still waiting for the special someone to ask! Whatever the occasion, you might as well dress in style! ;) This Valentine's I decided to put together a look to inspire all you gentlemen and ladies that are preparing to ask their significant other out. 

For starters, you can never go wrong with a red button up shirt or red t-shirt. A matching tie or bow tie would be complimentary to the look indeed. Make sure that you choose a pair of pants that doesn't draw too much attention away from the focus on the top half of the outfit. So I would suggest a light brown, beige or khaki color pair of trouser or jeans. Lastly, choose a pair of choose that match your belt and boldly stand out in your outfit -- you want the shoes to say "hey look down here, my outfit is on point from top to bottom." ;)

That just about wraps it up! Happy Valentines day all! Remember, be bold! 


  1. Great outfit Christopher, love the shoes :) Kirsten x


  2. Such a nice blog! Keep it up mate! Don't forget to check out my blog :)