February 25, 2015

If the Heavens Ever Did Speak

Yves Saint Laurent Navy Blue Waistcoat, Levi's white jeans, and John Ashford Red Tie.

I found the outfit title from the song Take Me To Church by Hozier. Additionally, I styled the outfit to match my girlfriend's princess themed photo shoot. I decided to go with white jeans (which look similarly to white chino pants), a navy blue waistcoat and a red tie. Once again, we did a bit of exploring in the back yard for a few minutes until we found the perfect location. I was told that the collapsed tree would make an incredible prop, so I tried it out. I realized that after the shoot the colors in my outfit primarily reflected the American flag colors and it almost seemed colonial. I was really satisfied with the shots that were taken. Photo credits to Michelle Wang!

Thanks for reading guys, until next time! ;)


  1. nice photos!


  2. but you really look like you're in heaven!! that crazy!! :-)

    Have a nice day! ;-)

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    Greets Jon

  3. Love the look and great pictures!