February 8, 2015


Levi's 511 Slim-Fit Rinsed Playa Jeans , Thrifted Vest, Thrifted Blazer, Aeropostale Burgundy Tie.

In this styled outfit, I decided to experiment with different colors. I wanted to match my blazer with the color of my pants yet have a contrasting effect on the vest so that I could lightly showcase the burgundy. For the shirt and tie, I chose to stick with a similar stripe and grid pattern to pull the look together. I feel that any kind of boot would do justice to this outfit and so I chose black.  

I believe the white on the tie and the white buttons on the shirt really stands out in this outfit. It calls attention to the eye almost immediately -- something that I hadn't known would have an effect until after. In reviewing this, I believe minor details in an outfit really have a lasting effect.

Anyway, that's it for now. Adios, have a good one! :)

Special thanks to: Ally Gong for taking the photos and Isabel Macasieb for helping me name the title.

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