December 2, 2014


H&M sweater, H&M gloves, Mossimo boots and shirt.

Seasons greetings everyone! Christmas is approaching soon and interestingly, I was feeling inspired by one of the holiday character Jack Frost. So I decided to put my outfit together based on a few of his traits. To begin with, I wanted to bundle up in my blue warm H&M sweater because the weather is getting to be much colder each day. I decided that I would wear glasses in this shoot so as to appear emotionless (because that is the was Jack Frost's personality is depicted). He is simply cold hearted by nature. Hmm, perhaps I will look for other inspiration in Christmas stories or movies this month. It was sincerely a joy being able to shoot this outfit because I was able to stay warm and comfortable. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!

Thank you for reading! :) Keep warm!  


  1. Wonderful and very stylish intepretation of John Frost...I actually saw a (Disney I think) cartoon when he is depicated as someone who is warm under all that ice- thought I'm not so familiar with the stories about him.

    1. Hehe, there are many variations of Jack Frost! Thank you for your comment Ivana! :)
      I will be sure to check out your blog as well. Happy holidays! ~