November 14, 2014



Dark Brown Corduroy H&M Blazer, Black Mossimo Supply Co collared shirt, a pair of brown toe capped Stafford oxfords and Green Ecko jeans.

Hello everyone, each year on October 31st my uncle Raul hosts a extravagant and popular Halloween party. There's always an abundance of home cooked meals, delicious deserts, and sugary goods to feast on. One of my favorite deserts is pumpkin pie! (I think I've mentioned that before in other posts, hah). He usually DJs for the night and plays spooky mash ups while orchestrating a costume contest. It's a ton of fun! Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the party this year, for I was busy writing a midterm essay that weekend. So I decided to make up for it in a way, and had a "Supernatural" themed photo shoot. In this shoot I wore a Brown H&M Blazer, Black Mossimo collared shirt, a pair of brown toe capped Stafford oxfords and Green Ecko jeans. To be quite honest with you, I was going for the appearance of a ghost and then realized I kind of looked like an undead vampire. I really hope that I'll be able to attend the Halloween party next year.

Until next time, ciao! :)

Photography by Davis Dichoso


  1. The shoes tho.... Love them!

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