November 30, 2014


American Rag Faux Leather Jacket, Levi's 508 Jeans & Charles Clifton button up shirt.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a classic novel that I truly cherished growing up. The first essay I wrote in middle school was on this book. A few nights ago, I decided to go out on an excursion with my good pal and photographer, Davis Dichoso. We didn't really have a set location in mind, and as you may have noticed, there are various types of lighting in this shoot because we could not make up our minds on one street. Nonetheless this was our opportunity to test out new shots and poses. It was definitely a success. While reviewing the photos, I realized how closely they resembled one of my long time favorite novels. That's why I decided to name it "Stay gold". So far this shoot has been the most enjoyable! 
I hope to have another one like this soon!

Until next time, Happy late Thanksgiving!

Stay golden everyone! :)


  1. the photos are really the atmosphere of this look....fabulous, I must read that novel!

    1. Hahah aww thank you for the compliments! You're wonderful! :)