November 25, 2014





I am wearing a Ralph Lauren red and black plaid shirt, a thrifted dark blue cotton blazer, and dark blue Mossimo Supply Co pants (except these I've linked you to are yet they are still a great deal!)

My cousin Raissa, who is also known as the style blogger The Leather Fanny Pack, decided to have a photo shoot with me in Berkeley. We took her photos first in front of Sliver, which is one of my favorite pizza restaurants! (I recommend eating here if you're a college student on a budget -- the pizza here is amazing and is a great deal.) We were able to get some amazing shots of her standing out in front of the restaurant before a large crowd of Berkeley High students crowded around the front entrance. A few hours later, we trekked into the Berkeley forest located next to Barrows Hall and found ourselves beautiful location with a bunch of redwood trees and a lovely wooden bridge. Thus, I came up with the name Redwood City - city because of the slick outfit I am wearing. 

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned for the next unbearably stylish post! 



  1. hi man, just came across your blog through raissa's new post. Loving your style man. so i thought i stick around and check out your blog.
    very nice blog , very sharp style and photography. REALLY ON POINT!!! nice work man :-)

    New look on Le Blog : ' mixing & layering '
    Greets JON

  2. I love you!! You are the handsomest bear <3

  3. Came here via your cousin's blog ;) Love the photos and your style.

  4. The congruency of the background and outfit in this photoshoot is aesthetic af. Can't even tell the blazer is thrifted, it's in such mint condition, great find :)