February 19, 2014


                                                                                    Photos by David Soriano

                                                      Yellow Jacket, Let Good Fortune outerwear, Men's Solid
                                                      Military Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Calvin Klein, DKNY
                                                     Jeans Bleecker Slim Straight-Leg, Everest Military backpack

The look was inspired by one of my favorite Hollywood characters, Indiana Jones. I named it the "Call to Adventure" because every hero must take his or her first step in order to begin the journey, and in this photo my first step is on the green railing. 

Haha, okay, so more about the outfit: I decided to start my look off with the yellow Timberland boots and work my way up. Normally, I start off with a coat or blazer and work my way down., but this time I felt that the boots had to be the main attraction, so I choose a very similar colored jacket to match them.

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