March 19, 2016


Hey all, I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!

Today I’d like to share with you part II of my collaboration with Vint and York. This look is inspired by the vintage heritage that Vint and York is known for. Additionally, I would say that the ensemble demonstrates some elements of the urban dapper. The dark amber tortoise glasses and the other reddish hues in my outfit, is what I would contend are the points of attraction simply because it contrast the blue hues so well. My choice of a dark blue j-crew denim jacket and knit tie with a bit of denim on denim action going on constitutes the urban dapper look. It’s not a look that is too formal but still shouts out a bold statement of refined taste in classic and vintage apparel items. 

More about the glasses: 

These “Breezer” glasses are a rare and bold apparel item alone. I’ve worn these throughout my first few months of Spring semester at Cal and have received infinite positive comments about the uniqueness and flair of style that I have—which is quite flattering considering that I never thought glasses could be such a grand statement piece.

Interested in getting your hands on these “Breezer” prescription glasses or something just like it? For only $109 you too can get yourself a pair of prescription glasses with a total package that includes: anti reflective coating, anti scratch coating, and UV coating. 

Direct link to the glasses:

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Vint and York collaboration! Until next time, ciao!

March 9, 2016



How’s it going?

Are you feeling tempted to take a road trip to SoCal this Spring Break just like me? I’m thinking Los Angeles might be the vacation place. Taking a cruise down the rugged stretch of the Pacific Coast highway; freedom, open road, uninterrupted meditation—when the time comes, it’s going to be well-deserved, so I’d better dress comfortably.

THE SUNGLASSES: I am wearing these fresh keyhole nose bridge Vint and York sunglasses (called “On the Up and Up” ) with a customized wood grain look and blue UV lenses. These sunglasses are top of the line sunglasses made with durable material (for an additional $60 you can request to add your prescription) and many options for customization. Not to mention that these bad boys are a vintage staple piece that have made a very big come back today.

THE BOOTS: An inexpensive purchase for a long time use. CAT footwear is a boot that is carefully constructed for everyday performance. These Cain Mid boots are versatile in terms of function and visual aesthetic and match well for any casual or formal-causal occasion.

A very special thanks to Photographer Davis Dichoso and Brandon Guzman for letting me borrow his Harley Davidson for making this shoot possible.

Thank you all for visiting! Stay tuned for another Unbearably Stylish post!

January 9, 2016


Seasons greetings all! I hope everyone is doing well and is in good health!  I’ve finally returned after a 3 month hiatus of back-to-back studying for both midterms and final exams. But enough about me, today I have some exciting news to share with you: Daniel Wellington is collaborating with me to generously give you all 15% all watches at Use the code UNBEARABLYSTYLISH for one watch. Free shipping world wide!

Outfit break down:

Tie: blue knit tie is originally priced $78. But for less than $25 a month at it will be packaged with a dozen of other menswear items.

Shirt: White button up by Nordstrom $56

Pants: Thrifted Blue slim fit pants by Homme $45

Watch: Daniel Wellington Canterbury watch $195

Shoes: Double Black Monk-strap shoes $40 on sale at JC Penney

Scarf: Red woven scarf $12 at EcoThrift

Total: $373